Solano Community College District

Fairfield, Vacaville and Vallejo, CA

Swinerton Management & Consulting was selected to provide Comprehensive Project and Construction Management Services for Projects on the main Fairfield Campus, and Vacaville and Vallejo Centers. Swinerton is providing Project and Construction Management services for multiple projects for the Solano Community College District’s Measure Q Bond Program.

Seven traditional Design/Bid/Build renovation and campus infrastructure projects:

  • Vallejo Center HVAC Replacement
  • Fairfield Campus Entry
  • Fairfield Substation Replacement
  • Fairfield Pool Renovation
  • Vacaville Annex Renovation
  • Vacaville Intersection
  • Vacaville Center HVAC Replacement

Three new construction Design/Build projects:

  • Biotechnology & Science Building, Vacaville Center: 32,000 square-feet
  • Autotechnology Building, Vallejo Center: 30,000 square-feet
  • New Science Building, Fairfield Campus: 36,000 square-feet

Swinerton worked with the District to define both project scopes and delivery methods early in the Bond Program, including creating a Design/Build procurement process based on program Criteria Documents, rather than more detailed bridging design documents in order to maximize the efficiency and creativity of Design/Build for the three new buildings.


  • Design/Build – Criteria Documents
  • Design-Bid-Build


  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • Construction Management


  • Design/Build Delivery
  • Shared Governance
  • Collaborative Consensus Building
  • New Construction
  • State-of-the-Art Technology


Solano Community College District

Autotech Building: Clark/Sullivan
Biotech Building: Rudolph & Sletten
Science Building: DPR Construction


January 2019